Drafting… writing.

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Been a while since I actually wrote in this space. And I actually reverted all my past posts to drafts. Possibly due to wanting to start this writing space on a clean slate?

Anyway, A levels is round the corner… Pretty much freaking out but I am 50% using my days in June productively. I’ve got so many aims and I don’t know where to start. I can’t believe that my 18th birthday just flew by like that last May. That means I am closer to being done with formal education. When I think about it, I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. I’m sure everyone could relate with me – wanting to grow up when we were young, but seemingly regret it when we actually have grown older. Maybe we didn’t take opportunity of everything that was made available to us when we were younger so that regret comes…

With that being said, I guess these plans that I have for the future (more like goals/dreams) might seem a bit impossible. But things change. People change. Fickle-mindedness will always be with humans. Might be a crazy decision but when July 1st comes, I’m registering for the ACT test and take it in August. I should have known to take it in year 1 but… it’s too late to regret. Besides, it’s gonna be like a revision for me? I haven’t actually tried ACT questions. The Math part is easy, but English is tough. I guess that’s gonna push me to study English even harder.

Not sure if I’m registering for the SAT because the test scores might come out too late for college applications from the USA. Moreover,… I don’t know if I want to study there if I don’t have a scholarship. It’s expensive, I grant that. As an international student who falls under middle income background, it’s painful. I tried to calculate and I had to pay off $800-$1000 per month for 10 years after I graduate assuming I am paying the maximum amount. My grades aren’t so great as well so… scholarships might be a bit hard. Plus, I am not too sure what college I am aiming for… I know I would wanna go to NUS for a local university.

We’ll see from here as we work hard towards the A levels. I’m gaining more and more confidence in my subjects. Common Test 2 will arrive in 1 weeks’ time… Honestly? I really don’t want E/S/U… Let’s pray that all my subjects fall in the A-D band!


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