Find Strength Within Yourself

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Hey guys.

I’m back (again) for a short while to blog about very serious stuff. It’s pretty serious, with everyone being stressed up with work, school and life in general. I’ve been a listening ear for a few of my friends and believe me, all the problems that everyone is going through is normal. It’s just that every problem is different and has to be dealt with differently due to the different circumstances.

I’m not here as a certified counselor, and neither am I going to solve your problems. But as a friend, I can tell you that: Things will definitely get better if you get up and try. You’ll fall, no doubt. But what’s more important and praiseworthy is that you get back up again and try. The feeling of hopelessness is inevitable – no one gets away in life with freebies. Even the richest person in the world has his/her own insecurities and fears!

Personally, I have gone through many ups and downs. Depression is one of them. For most part, I went through that phase alone and I do fall into the phase time and again. But I could get out of it, because I force myself to find the positive side in life. What I’m here to say is that: Find something that you can work towards. It can be anything – discarding an unhealthy habit like smoking or drinking, exercising daily, say thank you to a stranger for the smallest help, saying good day to the bus driver every day… Anything that’s positive is something worthy to work towards. It makes us a better person. Do something worthwhile live volunteering – life will show you that there are so many things worth enjoying rather than moping.

I’m not here to say that it is easy to work towards that. I’m telling you that it is challenging to even take that step and consistently work it. But then again, it gets easier! Even better? The results are the best.

Going through hardships might mean that you’re going through them alone. But by doing something worthwhile like volunteering, you gain new friends. At the same time, you’re able to observe other people’s hardships. I’m not saying that people are going through worse than what you’re going through; Everyone goes through different degrees of hardships! Yes, some are in a life-and-death situation. But if I were to be a pessimist, wouldn’t I say that we are always vulnerable to life and death situations? The ceiling may collapse, acid rain will corrode you, nuclear bomb will vaporize you, you might get knocked down by a car.

That, is what I call a pessimistic view about life.

Honestly, call me a hopeless optimist but I believe everyone has a positive mindset. It’s just that it can get clouded at times with negative emotions like anger and depression. Sometimes when we fail in something (like an interview or getting a failing grade in a test), we feel panicky because major examinations are near. Some might even feel like they are a waste of resources and hopeless in life.


It’s normal to feel panicky. But do not ever degrade yourself as a human being. We all have self-worth and what actions we execute will either increase our self worth or hack it away. The fact that one mutters the worthlessness after failure will immediately degrade themselves! It is difficult to remain optimistic – I understand your plight! But remember – life never stays down in the dumps. It gets better!

Sometimes things happen for a reason. And sometimes, things happen because the time is not ripe. Patience will definitely bear fruit although it’s painful to get out of the dumps. But let me give you a hug *hugs*! I truly believe that all of you can do it. Getting that promotion at a job or a scholarship or even passing a driving test needs one very important ingredient among other stuff – belief. How do you believe in yourself? This question might recur in your mind again and again after failing. I sometimes feel that I may not be able to succeed! But then, dreams here are now important.

Visualize yourself in the position you yearn to be in. That is belief. You know it’s possible. Possibility means belief. As mild as that sounds, you’re starting to belief yourself! Don’t stop. (:

It will be hard. No one will be there to help you manage the stress and problems. BUT! Friends are here for a reason. And that is: To guide you and be your companion. Sharing stories and problems. Seek advice. Sharing happiness. Don’t take your friends for granted! (One very important thing is to understand your friends like how you would want to be understood!)

I wish I could tell you to not worry, but that is impossible. Reality is real and harsh but I wish everyone the best! *hugs*



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