The Moon

Hey everyone!

Ever since Mid-Autumn Festival, I quite stare at the moon because it’s much more stunning this time than last year. (It was very cloudy around this time last year, unfortunately). So me being me, I decided to whip out my DSLR and… take photos! (Duh, what do you expect?) I couldn’t really miss out on the opportunity to take a few shots of the moon since the moon was at it’s brightest cycle of the entire year. By the way, have you guys tasted mooncakes? It’s a seasonal delicacy and personally, I absolutely relish in the taste of the Pure Lotus One Yolk mooncake. No photos here, but I recommend to try out a small portion of any mooncake. Hopefully you’ll like the taste!

Unfortunately, my Tamron lens couldn’t zoom in any farther. But it’s enough to see the “rabbit” shape on the moon! These weren’t taken on Mid-Autumn, but a few days after. Hence it’s a 3/4 moon 🙂 Also, I’ve been trying to find out suitable dates to go stargazing. It’s hard to do so in Singapore because of the humidity levels and night lights. The only constellation I can see and recognise is the Orion belt. Hopefully I’ll be able to stargaze more often in Singapore!

I was hoping to write about the next installation of my music sharing but I wasn’t really feeling the mood to post. 😦 My prelim exams part II will start tomorrow. Terribly nervous and exhausted here. I’ll be back hopefully by the end of the week. Wish us luck!



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