Happy Lunar Eclipse!

Haven’t updated this space in quite a while~ Sorry for that. Currently, I am taking a teeny bit of a break to post something for you guys! Today was the Lunar Eclipse and the moon was so beautifully red. You might wonder why but simply put, the moon, Earth and Sun are in line (with the Earth in the middle). That’s why very little light from the Sun reaches the moon because of the Earth’s shadow cast on the moon.

Why red? In the light region of the electromagnetic spectrum, red light has the longest wavelength and purple/violet has the hortest. Because of the Earth’s atmosphere being able to diffract light, the bluish region gets diffracted easily and it becomes much more scattered as compared to red light. Thats why the red light remains relatively not scattered, so the moon looks red instead of the usual bluey kind.
I felt the compulsion to take some photos (they aren’t that good though!) with my sweet lil DSLR and have some non-blur ones (finally!). I wish I could zoom in more, but I can’t. So cropping is the way to go. I’m too lazy to do that so there’s tons of space in the photo. Some of the photos can’t help but be blur because of the haze from the Sumatran forest fires!

Honestly, I have no idea how to capture the “redness” of the moon. It turned out more yellowish. *sad* Leave in the comments if you know how to capture the red hues more prominently!
I used these settings in Manual Mode: 320sp, f/5.6, ISO320. 
Have a good night everyone.

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