Welcoming Myself to the World of WordPress!

Hey WordPress world!

I finally finally got myself out of the Blogger world as a content creator. Although the themes on WordPress.com are limited, I think they look more cool. There are more choices on WordPress than on Blogger anyway. Also, the WordPress community is ah-ma-zing after blogging on my informal blog for several weeks. I already have a few friends there and I have subscribed to a few wordpress authors who are absolutely wonderful! Also, the support in themes and also technical questions is abundant in the forum. On the contrary, Blogger doesn’t have any forum which is functioning properly. I was quite disappointed with the support over there.

Random Photo: My dance girls :)
Random Photo: My dance girls 🙂

‘Nuff said. Although I had to pay USD13 to map my existing domain to WordPress, I think it’ll be worth it. It’ll probably my last investment for my blogs until the subscription expire (which I will renew again!). I feel quite happy after knowing the technical stuff on WordPress (it’s a pretty steep learning curve for me, but it’s good!) and I still have many things to learn about WordPress.org if I want to expand my skill sets in the HTML and coding. But not in the near future… (I totally suck at computer language!)

Personally, I am quite happy as to how this website turned out. The proportions are beautiful (although I can’t tweak anything except for a few limited colour settings)!

Just one question, is there a way to include social media icons anywhere on this page? My potato brain’s grilled… Haha!

Anyway, this is just a short update about the blog. I’ll be adding pages about upcoming posts and also more stuff on technology, music… and so much more! But that’ll probably have to wait till the end of A levels. 🙂 Meanwhile, check out my personal blog where I post more informal stuff about my crazy life!

I’d love to hear from you!

Question of the Day: Where are you from? 🙂 (If you didn’t know, I am from Singapore!)


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