It’s That Time of the Year…

2014 is sure coming to an end. Before that, everyone’s rushing all their work that they can have a peace of mind during Christmas break. How about some music to switch the mood up to a little bit more Christmassy?

For me personally, I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I can’t deny that I sometimes do enjoy listening to “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” every once in a while. Maybe watch Frozen or Rise of the Guardians to pass time and comfort myself in the Winter – more like Monsoon – season here in Singapore. My favourite Christmas music don’t really scream ‘Christmas!’ but it reminds me a lot of the peace and warmth of having family and friends around you as the year approaches it’s end.

That’s my favourite version of the song. I actually watched this one a thousand times (and counting)!

Lately, choral music has been repeating in my playlist over and over again. Aside from the typical “Silent Night” and the kind, I really love Ola Gjeilo‘s (o-la yay-lo) compositions. He’s gaining popularity – or already has gained popularity – in the choral world. The two most famous ones, that I’d like to think, Ubi Caritas and Northern Lights are my absolute favourites to listen to whenever I’m down or just need some warmth. Of course Ubi Caritas is a hymn of some sort but I am more appreciative of the composition/chords rather than the lyrics for that managed to strike this indescribable emotion each time.

For the composition “Northern Lights”, I felt the relation to this song finally after I visited Norway a few days back. I was very lucky to have witnessed the Aurora Borealis in the cities of Trondheim and Tromso. In my mind while I was watching the aurora dance above me, I felt the chills when this music came into my mind.

DSC_0617 DSC_0618 DSC_0620

(all three photos were taken at the beach in Trondheim, 13th December 2014, around 9pm)

What other music?

It would be unfair if I didn’t pop in a little bit of Pentatonix, right? *grins* When I received the email about PTX’s new video release, I was truly excited. When I saw the video…. this was downright creepy! 

Was this supposed to be an extension of Halloween?

Nonetheless, the song was done without words and to be honest, I absolutely loved-hate it. Maybe I was a bit creeped out by the facial expressions + video edits, but… I loved it all the same because of how they arranged the song to suit their vocal calibres. 🙂 It’s a pretty interesting song they chose to do and maybe it’s a shift from what they always do – songs with lyrics in them.

Let’s leave this song up to your interpretation…

Have a good break everyone!


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