201– 2015 already?!

I can’t believe that I am typing out this post.

Time has definitely flown past. There were so many things happening this year and all emotions unleashed. Some were uplifting and some were downright depressing.

From here onwards, this post shall be rather personal. While the news may cover more about the world’s happenings… how are you affected by the news?

Sometimes we may be caught up with what is going on around us and our curiosity peaks too much, causing us to forget about ourselves for a long time. By then, our neglected self has lost too much love because we have given all of them to care for a loved one – family, friends or even strangers.

I’m telling you that it’s okay to be selfish once in a while – or rather, on a daily basis.

Really though, time is flying so fast. You just never know when your life will be taken away. You’ve heard that life is short – you’ve heard right.

For all those kind souls out there, I really appreciate your help in tending to those in need. But remember: love yourself before you provide love to another. Sometimes, our love-o-meter just cannot handle the expectations of another and you’ll just become miserable because you can’t provide.


What is that one thing that you regret so much this year? Think back to all those instances that had made your stomach churn and your heart clench in despair. Do you think that you did the right thing at the point in time? What could you have changed? Would you even change it at all?

That brings up my point to…


Did you forget to express your apologies to anybody?


Or have you been wallowing in self-pity that you are pushing everyone away? Perhaps it’s time to be strong and believe that you can move on. I know you can. Look around you (figuratively and literally). I’m sure that there are people waiting for you to express your worries.


Life is too short to be pondering too long on things. It may be difficult to get out of the bad habits (drugs, gangs, mafias, smoking etc) and it may be too superficial for you to think that it is possible to quit those stuff. But do you think that it is worth it to spend all your life connected to negative stuff?

While it may put you in jail/leave you no support from your closest kin and make you gain a negative impression from people around you, you are still you. Nobody will accompany you to the grave (not even your brothers/sisters from the gang or your family). You may believe in a certain faith or not, but ultimately, you live your own life. There is definitely no turning back, but only to look forward. So choose your options wisely.

I’d really want to be that optimistic and say “There is no such thing as bad people, but bad intentions and choices”!

& that leaves me a question to ask you: What is the highlight of your life?

Grab hold of the reins, because you’re in for (hopefully) another 365 days with Life!


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