What I make out of my A Level Results

I finally received that General Certificate of Education (Advance Level). Unsurprisingly, lots of people (most of whom I don’t speak to on a daily basis) were curious about mine. Being a kind person (that I’d like to believe) who attends to all the kaypo people’s needs and interests, I shall blog about it. *sarcasm* And let you know the outcome.

I’m going to get rid of the super judgemental people first so I’ll post my grades right now. In this order ***/*** whereby the first 3 asterisks are my H2 subjects and the other three are my H1 subjects (including PW).


For the busybodies, you’ve got what you wanted. Now stop hassling me while I am at work, get it? (I really should have an awesome template typed out on Evernote so I can just copy and paste into whatsapp and text messages.)

Being Arrogant (skip this part if you’re not intent on reading negative and spiteful messages)

Now here comes the reflections. You can just read on, but if you’re here to mainly taunt at my results, go ahead and laugh somewhere else. I quite had enough at several people laughing about it, but if I were to be rather spiteful… Please compare my extracurricular certificate with yours. *grins* Factor in that I am not from Council, I don’t hold any leadership position in Year 1 (and only had one from February of Year 2 in Photographic Society) and I hold 3 awards within 2 years. I wasn’t involved in Orientation either (and most had 50 hours from Orientation).

To be rather arrogant, I’d also add in that I’ve completed 160+ hours of Community Involvement and I didn’t claim 20-30+ hours because I was tired of hunting for the papers of proof and I didn’t really care much to “claim” those hours. (On hindsight, I can’t believe I actually ranked my involvements in order of importance!!) So there.

I actually had to do this lol. At least my JC life held meaning… rather than just plain studying.

What I feel (and back to humility)

Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah, considering all the circumstances I had to endure in both year 1 and year 2 of junior college. If I had to sum up what Year 1 means to me, it would all be about fitting in, dealing with the loss of something that defined and protected myself from harsh life situations and actually taking a longer route to what I aspired to be. However, longer routes are not necessarily bad… because I learned a lot more, than if I stuck with the conventional, straight routes.

I may have somewhat mentioned that I had to go through two major changes upon entering Junior College:

  1. I entered Junior College into Arts stream, but switched to Science
  2. I switched schools from Anderson to Jurong

Now, these two things meant a lot because I was being thrown into:

  • A different learning environment – from a liberal to Scientific, Analytical learning styles of Science stream students
  • A society that is so fixated on the “A”s


I no longer feel the need to grab that first letter of the alphabet because… I grew out of that phase ever since I stepped into Malay Dance. *surprise!* I saw through that fog because of…

  • The people I’ve met
  • The things I’ve learned
  • The things I’ve achieved
  • The things I’ve cherished

Sure, getting an A is worth praising (so is a B, C, D, E – but prolly not S and U except certain circumstances) but is it the only thing that I thought of worthy of praise? The answer is obviously NO!

To be honest, I expected worse for my A levels. BDE/CE? I didn’t have any confidence for Chemistry because Physical Chemistry was so shit hard that I almost pissed in my pants. I still remembered having sinus attack during Physics, so I was really really afraid of getting an E for Physics. Surprise, surprise! I got Cs for both. I was so tearful that day, I almost wanted to hug my Physics and Chem teacher BUT LOL NO I WOULD NEVER DO THAT.

Out of all my subjects, the most surprising one was General Paper. (I got a B for GP) If I can recall what happened in November last year (GP was the first paper to commence my A levels), I wasn’t sure about the comprehension and summary. They were my weakest points and I tried so hard to do my best for composition. A lot of my batchmates didn’t feel good too, but in general, the cohort (class of 2014) did pretty well for General Paper! Perhaps the bell curve was very forgiving and pushed us up for that.

Of course, I had my fair share of disappointment. I love Math (ever since Mrs Philip taught me) and I so wanted to get an A for Math. Perhaps the paper was manageable, or I was just not well prepared to receive Vectors and Complex Numbers so things pretty much turned for the “worse”. I’m still happy that I got a B, and all my revisions didn’t go down the drain. I could factor in the bell curve as well, but none of us know how much it deviates for the class of 2014 that year.


I honestly feel nothing for this subject. Sure, I liked Geography, but I felt so uninspired ever since the start of J2. The change in teachers made Geography seem much more of a mundane subject and to be honest, Geography classes were starting to become a waste of time.

I know it is silly and petty, irresponsible of me but I have to partially put a bit of blame on my J2 Geography teacher. I didn’t like him (not because he had a rubbish attitude) but because he had a rubbish attitude towards teaching. The number of times he kept saying “You all should know this by now. You all should have revised this. Let’s move on.” is pretty much uncountable. Having a teacher saying that to you every single lesson makes us even more annoyed AND  demotivated. There were lots more negative stuff going around in Geography lessons, but I’m not here to relive it so no.

I honestly felt that  I deserved that D (no, not that d) for Geography. I’m still glad I passed Geography and got D. Perhaps my J1 year has helped me in the foundation, so I didn’t fail or anything. Of course, things could have turned better if I just turn up for classbe a good studentstudy harder, but no, I choose not to do that. I studied Geography outside the lecture halls when I skipped his lectures and I’m glad to say that I was better off without his negativity probing my brain.

In summary

Extra Curricular/Co-Curricular aside, I feel that I’m really thankfulhappy, and blessed for these set of grades. Without the friends who challenge me and motivate me, I would be absolutely rubbish. I’d probably be hanging around with the hooligans around the block (I’m actually serious).

I don’t understand the fixation on grades and A’s…. but BCC/BDA is good enough for me – and hopefully enough to get into the course I truly truly want. 🙂

– ps – I took 7 day to post this. It was left in my Drafts for so long. *rofl*


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