Saturday is Baking Day: Brownies (No Choco Just Cocoa!)

That rhymes, right? Anyway, I’ve been in the dumps lately and I so didn’t want to waddle about the whole day in a bad mood. I’m sure things will look better soon so I took things into my hands and made today a Baking Day! The pantry wasn’t filled with a lot of ingredients – no chocolate bars, no yoghurt, no milk. So I had to do something without all these… So I made Brownies!

The recipe is from InspiredTaste.Net (which you can click on the name or here). The best part is that the recipe is so easy and there is no need for chocolate bars. I have a tendency to not want to go and shop for ingredients unless I’m making cheesecake so I was desperate to find a recipe that doesn’t utilise chocolate bars at all.

The ingredients I used were pretty much the same. I had to cut down on lesser sugar by about 20-30g because I was short of 20-30g of butter. I kept the amount of cocoa powder (I used Hershey’s Cocoa Powder because it has never. failed. on. me), vanilla essence (the recipe calls for extract but I’m not known to follow the rules hah), sea salt (it makes the whole thing taste much nicer than regular table salt imho!).

While I made the brownie using the recipe, the hardest part for me was to melt the sugar, butter and cocoa powder. My kitchen didn’t have all the utensils, pots and pans, so I had to use a really small pot and another slightly bigger pot. I had no choice but to let the small pot touch the hot boiling water whilst I double boil. It’s just a problem with the lack of utensils.

Another problem was that these three ingredients had a HARD TIME coagulating! I think it’s because of the proportion of solid ingredients (sugar and cocoa) and semi-solid ingredient (butter). I was so scared to screw this one up – even though my family doesn’t use these ingredients that often. So I had to scoop out some of the solid ingredients into a bowl, and waited for the butter to melt!

Lesson Learnt: Let the butter melt, and then gradually mix in the cocoa and sugar in!

One good tip I found from this recipe is keeping the 2 eggs in the fridge/chiller (the bottom part, not the freezer). My family doesn’t really buy good quality eggs that are for baking. We usually get the cheapest or the second cheapest eggs which have really brittle shell and not so firm, round yolks. These eggs still taste nice scrambled or as omelettes but it’s a hit or miss with baking. After putting them into the chiller for about the duration while I prepared the batter, the eggs were much firmer and (I feel) that the egg shells were much “crisper”. I was mildly very surprised with that, so I’m going to put my future eggs (baking eggs, fyi) in the chiller!

It’s also the first time that I used a wooden spoon instead of an electric mixer! Worked those arms pretty good. Is it safe to say that I have big guns? 😛 *using an unusual slang for me*

I only took one photo for this session since I wanted to beat my timing in baking fudgy brownies. 😛

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset


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