SMU Info Systems Management Interview (2015)

I haven’t gotten around to completing several blog posts. I will get down to doing them as soon as morning comes. It’s too hot for me to work right now.

(In reality, I’m just searching for excuses… Teehee!)

But anyway, I’m rather… excited. I just got my MacBook Pro (13 inches with Retina) from Challenger at Jurong Point. It was tough to consider since this will be the first Apple product in my family. I will have to get used to the larger keyboard as compared to my tiny Sony Vaio. The functions on the keyboard are different too – where the hell is the delete button?

Electronic gadgets aside, I am going to start driving lessons this Tuesday! *finally* The theory lessons and tests were so boring… I need to practice a little before heading to take my Final Theory Evaluation and Test. Hopefully, I will be able to complete all these before University starts.

After all, driving is an essential skill, and I don’t really want to take public transport all the time if I were to travel to another country… (where did that thought about driving overseas coming from?) Great stuff next – I got accepted to several colleges overseas as well! They are all liberal arts colleges: Illinois College, Lake Forest College and Mount Holyoke College! Unfortunately… My family aren’t agreeable to me going overseas since the Financial Aid package is rather little. It saddened me a little (a lot actually) but I have gotten over that phase.

So hopefully, I’ll get a spot in my first choice for a local university!

That also brings me to another point: I went for SMU Interview for Information Systems Management a few days back! It was rather nerve-wracking, I would have to say. I’m not sure if any prospective student would read this but hopefully this piece of information will help you! xx

1. Read the email and practice whatever’s given in the link!

Since I applied for Info Systems Management, there were obviously some coding involved. I did not practice prior to the interview and trust me, I did many double-takes and started hyperventilating. I was really, really lucky that I had some prior knowledge in coding from Neopets so I could complete the coding task within 10 minutes. Otherwise, I would submit a blank, uncoded screenshot to the interviewers.

2. Try to remember what you wrote for the Case Study

After the coding, you would be given this piece of paper. One side was the case study (of which you will have to understand the rationale) and the other was another scenario. You would have to state your assumptions, the model you would be using and how you would derive your answer. I doubt they are going to repeat the question so I’ll tell you what mine was: How many people in Singapore use Whatsapp on Friday between 6-7pm? Go figure.

3. Try to give your other interviewee a chance in talking

I think this situation differs from year to year. In the blogs I’ve read, some had their interviews in large groups while others had one-to-one. I think this year, there were 2 interviewers and 2 interviewees. I was lucky to have my AJC orientation-mate as my other interviewee. (Doubt that she remembers me though, haha) We kinda hit off well before entering the Interviewers’ Room, so it wasn’t all that bad. Don’t be obnoxious, that’s all.

4. Be interested in the course

It’s a given. No university wants to give a position to an unwilling and uninterested student. They want to increase their rankings on the scoreboard. Not being pulled down by some I-just-want-to-party-in-this-major.

5. Be nice.

Other than that, I think I’ve cleared up most of the New Stuffs for now… I do have a pending post about “Remembering Mr Lee Kuan Yew”, but I need to collect my emotions for that one. It’s hard. xx


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