5 Questions: 2 Truths, 1 Lie

I enjoy this game very very much, but I’ve never tried playing this through blog posts. Let’s try. (I want you to join me and submit your 2 truths and 1 lie as well!)

1. The Embarrassing Side

a) I got pelted by eggs.

b) I got pelted by bird poop.

c) I got pelted by flour.

2. Wanderlust

a) I can swim in the sea without fear.

b) I have gone on a plane by myself – without family and/or friends.

c) I did my homework on the plane.

3. The Lover

a) My childhood friend, Daniel, is my first love.

b) I’ve never had a boyfriend.

c) I currently do not have a crush on a person of the opposite sex.

4. Guilty Pleasures

a) I love playing the ukulele more than drawing.

b) I love online shopping.

c) Neopets over books.

5. Not Girly

a) I don’t belong in a clique (whatever they call it nowadays).

b) I don’t own a pair of heels.

c) I can carry at least 30kg through half a set of stairs.

Phew! Initially I wanted to put 10, but thinking of all these has made me really sleepy. I should add something about sleep in my guilty pleasure section. 😛

Oh well. Try to figure out the lie! xx


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