Question: What do you look for in reading blog posts?

What keeps you coming back to a certain blog and her posts? Is it the adventures, or simply the stories of a mundane life of a blogger? Or is it the interactions that you want to reap with the author? Or maybe, it’s the visuals? Graphics? Videos?

Perhaps I want to know these answers from you because every reader demands different things. I don’t believe that I’m a great writer at all – in fact, I feel that I’m terrible at conveying my thoughts. Perhaps my experience in life is just so happening, that I didn’t really have time to analyse the experience in words (hence the less sophisticated vocabulary). It is something I work towards – engaging readers – but I think I’m doing it wrong. Well, most people (the authors that I follow) say that nothing is wrong in any writing style, but of course, the personality and the genuine intentions should be clear.

Like… how do I do that?!

But I now realise that writing is a progressive journey – I won’t be able to write well if I don’t conscientiously make the effort to write properly. It’s not like we’re born with the innate ability to write. I think these talents take time to develop, and making time for these talents is a choice, and not a given on a silver spoon.

By now, I realise that I don’t really have a niche area in writing. What do I want to write about? *crickets* Tons, actually! But I feel like I’m all over the place. (At this point, I’m rather annoyed and confused between the Ctrl button on Windows Laptop vs Macbook since my thumb keeps pressing the Control/Fn button instead of the Command button in wanting to make a capital letter/accented letters)

*neglects post for 7 hours and comes back to it after eating cheese rings*

Anyhow, I shall practise writing more often! Hopefully something comes out of this – be a better writer is the most basic takeaway I can have.

Back to eating the cheese rings! 😀


3 thoughts on “Question: What do you look for in reading blog posts?

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  1. Hi!! Thanks for asking!

    I’d love to answer this question…but I think it defeats the purpose of a blog. I feel as though you should be writing from your heart and not solely for what others want.

    I tend to enjoy a really solid wit and fun writing style when I’m reading blog posts, but when you are conveying your own thoughts, they need to be conveyed as you want them to be.

    Otherwise…your blog lacks the originality of your own personality and a backbone. If your writing is filled with whatever invigorates your passion…usually it shows through the way you write about it…and that is what tends to grab my attention.

    Keep up what you’re doing! But do it true to you!

    Have a great day!


    1. I see where you’re coming from – just being oneself. With charm, wit and fun.

      I do try to write according to how I feel (well, most of the time, anyway) but sometimes I feel that I don’t have that… oomph or the element of connecting to others.

      I’m still new at writing… properly, even. But I guess I need some words of advice or even reassurance that being myself is okay. I’ve been reading lots of “How to get more readership” but I feel so out of place. It’s just not me – but I’ve leaned towards the fact that if I don’t follow these rules then I’m not a good blogger blah blah. Talk about blogging pressure (like peer pressure).

      I’ll definitely keep doing what I’m doing *write* now! 🙂 Thank you dear for your opinion!! ^_^

      Have AWESOME DAYS ahead! 😀

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