Satisfaction over Salary

I’m blogging at work right now. Not ethically right, but since it is not a rush hour, I am pretty much okay doing this. Of course I have to abandon ship (of blogging) when residents come through the door to demand some stuff, but for now, I’ll just let my mouth ramble hands go on typing… So today’s my 6th day of work. Can’t believe that I actually pulled through this….!

If you didn’t know, I am currently working at a Community Center where everyone heads here to either:

1) Reset their Singpass password

2) Register for Courses/PAssion Card Membership

3) Borrow Newspapers.

Of course there are more things to do (like exchanging identity cards for Study Room passes), but these are the general and most frequent transactions and requests. Of course money is involved for most part especially for no. 2 so this job is really a challenging job to keep the money true to the transaction history. Else… I/my colleagues have to pay.

Over the course of this 6 days, I learned pretty much how to loosen up. Even though I’m in the Customer Service Sector + Data Entry, I have to interact with residents who are mostly waaaaay above my age or kids that are young enough to be my daughter/son (if I marry at age 19, of course). I can’t be so prim and proper like a Customer Service in a hotel chain, so… I go chapalang lor.

Even though the pay isn’t that great per hour, (in fact, it is fifty cents lesser than the job I had at NTU), food here is really accessible – but not that cheap – and dinners, lunches and colleagues are AWESOME. The pantry is right in the office behind the counter and it’s really fun to just chill and listen to the permanent staff chit chat. I get free access to food too – the most recent splurge my colleagues did was to buy Satay from Lina’s Satay Club. Like wha?! (P.s. they bought halal satay just for me… omg so kind.)

My work has shifts – 8.30AM to 6PM or 1-10PM. I especially enjoy the afternoon-night shifts more because I get to meet more people (duh!). Haha. Entering my fourth day at work, a teacher from one of the ukulele classes came down to the office and played his ukulele AND guitar, serenading all of us at work. LOLOL.

Sigh, it’s so fun to be here although the community center is not the most convenient to get to.

6 days already. I hope this 2-ish/3 months will be fun to go through. (Plus, the other temp staff is a triplet/twin!)

& to that, I don’t really care that my salary is much much lower than my previous job. (My off days are somewhat flexible so most of my volunteering days don’t clash with work except for SEAGames) The satisfaction I receive is so so so much more and I’m really happy with that.


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