Forgetful Me

It’s been a while since I muse about my horrible tendencies and bad habits. Forgetfulness is something that I can never shake off despite trying. (That Taylor Swift song, anybody?) It is terrible that it affects a lot of my opportunities… but being the ever so optimistic me, I just… shake that thought off. How unoriginal…

1. I forgot whether I cashed the money as NETS or Debit/Credit Card

That gave the whole team at work rather confused and worked up. All because of my forgetfulness. I would like to say that you can’t blame me though. The entire day, residents paid a lot of money for courses. I simply can’t remember each and every one of the transaction details. But I’d take the blame for that. Maybe I should have asked to clear my queries. Uhm.

2. Replying to RSVPs

SEAGames just announced the volunteer workforce collection of uniforms and passes dates. I totally forgot to do that. Screw it, I’m just going to turn up with my NRIC and the email print-out.


Speaking of NRICs… I recently lost mine (but found it again on the same day due to a kind Samaritan).

4. Forgot my Work shift

I was supposed to work from 1-10, but I came for the morning shift and startled my other temp staff colleague. Our big big boss gave us a mini scolding so I knew I better make it a point to remember my work shifts…

Diaries no longer help. Ugh.


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