Silence is Music

Typing away at my desk, I feel rather melancholic. There is absolutely no music playing in the background, because nobody switched on the radio. The only sounds that echo around the room are the people laughing, talking and the taps on my keyboard whilst I type this post. It feels rather weird to be surrounded by people, with noise ringing in my ears, but I feel no connection to it.

There I go, swiping across the screen on my phone. I don’t really see much updates on Instagram, no matter how much I refresh the news feed. Facebook isn’t that helpful as well. All I see are shared posts – videos and articles. I can’t be bothered to click ‘Read More’ because the contents are somewhat similar. I head towards my email located in a tab on Google Chrome, and saw many things that needed follow-up.

Again, I feel no compulsion to reply those emails. (Sorry)

My eyes are slowly drying up. The A/C in this office sure freezes things around here. Talk about being repaired…

I stopped typing for 5 minutes. No residents are here to demand for vouchers or cards. The only person in the front counter area is me, besides the old man who is reading Lianhe Zaobao.

Starting a new paragraph, I went missing for 5 minutes. 3 students came in to ask about the Taekwondo training fee and a man came in to collect his cheque for a skating school.

& now, it is quiet once more, with the occasional…

Ah well, the man left.

It’s truly quiet.


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