SEAGames 2015: A Volunteer’s Journey

It started off in early 2015; I had no expectations because my YOG days were brief. There were so many positions available, but I knew I only could choose one for the whole Games. My friend and I were pretty good in doing media work, but this time, we didn’t really want to do Media. So we chose Stretcher Bearing because… what else do you do other than stretcher bearing? 😛 There were many meetings afterwards, mostly held on Saturdays. The best part? I met lots of people, danced during ice breakers and just made myself comfortable, knowing that I will be a part of the medical team (being only First Aid Certified but my certificate is long expired oops) with many others. I seriously enjoyed myself! 😀

moh training
photo taken from’s facebook

We’re a force to be reckoned with, and without us, the Games simply cannot continue.

Medical trainings were held at a few of the SCDF Headquarters (my friend and I chose the one at Queensway) and learned how to put a fire out, carry a casualty onto a stretcher and apply basic first aid onto a casualty. These were simply important skills that I had actually put to good use during the Games.

Then, I had one of the most important events which started my SEA Games volunteering early: venue familiarisation at Sentosa Golf Club.

It was on the 4th of June for the medical team and it took me several hours to remember the whole venue from top to bottom. I met several medics and stretcher bearers (and also met a senior from NTU who is also a stretcher bearer!). It was quite an awkward first day for me.

2015-06-04 13.59.25
My NTU senior! 🙂

Suddenly, I received a call from the Workforce HQ for SEAGames, asking whether I was available to volunteer for Soccer at Jalan Besar Stadium. Even though the heat from the Sentosa sun got to me, I was willing to push on to survive another 5 hours.

Football pitch at Jalan Besar Stadium
Football pitch at Jalan Besar Stadium

It wasn’t even my primary sport but I was deployed for the match on the 4th of June! Amazing, if you asked me. For soccer, most of the stretcher bearers were males since… soccer is a male sport this year and an all female team would be very much disadvantageous. However, I had the opportunity to sit on the field of play (FOP) and watched the match at the same time. 🙂

The next day: The SEA Games Opening Ceremony. (Not going to elaborate; I found it boring and left halfway. Ha-ha) I volunteered for more football matches and got deployed for the Singapore vs Myanmar match. It was quite scary watching the match because there were many casualties. It was quite an experience watching how the crowd reacts to their performance and we always have to stay neutral in the games (but as time passes by, we simply did not give any two shits…).

My primary sport was Golf, and stretcher bearers are only needed during competition days. If you ask me for my first impression, Golf sure was the most boring sport ever but this Games changed my mind because of the people involved in it. Well, I still find golf boring, but now I knew the rationale of the game and I found funny people who entertained me throughout the almost 12-hour shifts every competition day (4 days, fyi). Sometimes rain destroyed the flow of the game and lightning alerts are spoilers who delay our stand down times. I learned lots of things from the medics as well. There were four paramedics deployed from the SAF “forced to volunteer”. As they are all trained and certified in administering injections/IV… well, I became their guinea pig. (I volunteered of course)

2015-06-11 14.43.13
Yooseok did on Nicholas. Nicholas did on me (but failed).

It was quite fun knowing how they “target lock” the vein and inserting needles at an angle. Of course, I know what numbers refer to what in discerning needles – the smaller the number, the larger the hole of the needle. One of the medics, Nicholas, tried giving me an IV tube, but he failed since he went through my vein. It hurt a little as the needle entered my skin, but no pain was felt as it penetrated the tissue under the skin. It was a failure, though, so I didn’t get an IV drip. *sad face*

Golf medical sessions were all about chit-chatting. There were three medical points outside of the Medical Room – Point 1, Point 2 and Point 3. (Pretty self-explanatory, haha). During the first two days, Xuelin (my NTU senior) and I went to Point 2. It is so called the “ulu” medical post because there were only two tee-off areas and very few flights pass by at the same time. Plus… there were tons of bushes and shrubs to hide the medical buggy, so a nap can be taken quite easily.

2015-06-09 13.42.18
Day 1 of Competition Day! (Xuelin, Nicholas, Me and Desmond)
2015-06-09 11.55.23
One of the forts from WWII period.
2015-06-09 13.41.02
A selfie is necessary.

Being at a golf course means that you’re entitled to the beautiful views too. Completely complimentary, and it is mandatory to take photos of the scenery. I have never felt more atas in my life. Well… counting that this is my first time in a golf course for more than 3 hours. *ponders*

2015-06-11 07.38.45
Freaking beautiful…!
2015-06-10 14.02.17-1
Yooseok (one of the SAF medics) and Xuelin!
2015-06-12 07.34.37
Another beautiful shot of the scenery… TT_TT
2015-06-12 07.34.59
Day 3? Or was this Day 2… *confused* (Me, Xuelin, Yooseok and Chongkit!)
2015-06-12 12.06.37
Too much in love with the Singapore scarf. (Yooseok and Muhsin – both SAF medics)
2015-06-12 12.58.23
Looks cool? Yes. But behind those glasses, he was asleep. (for real)
2015-06-12 17.51.06
Xuelin and the four SAF medics! (Nicholas, Muhsin, Yooseok and Paul)
2015-06-12 17.51.48
Us four stretcher bearers! All girls team, yeah? (Amy, Me, Xuelin and Julia)
2015-06-12 18.11.41
My NTU senior and I!
2015-06-12 18.11.57
Me and Yooseok!
2015-06-12 18.12.04
Me and Nicholas! (Xuelin likes his pretty eyes~)
2015-06-12 18.12.16
2015-06-12 18.12.28
Me and Esther (a nurse!)
2015-06-12 18.12.29
She’s so cute! (Ignore those photo bombers~)
2015-06-12 18.12.40
Mei Mei and I~ (She’s a nurse too!)
2015-06-12 18.12.47
Tu and I! She’s a student on attachment during the SEAGames as a paramedic assistant.
2015-06-12 18.12.54
Muhsin and me! His face never changes haha!

There isn’t much to say… except that I took a photo with the Bruneian golfer, Qawim Aslimon with Xuelin. 😀 But the photo is in my whatsapp so… I’m a little bit too lazy to look through the thousands of photos in my phone!

In other events…

I was also involved in Football (soccer) and Silat, and both are amazing in their own aspects. Didn’t have a lot of photos, but I did have fun most of the time. I still love my time in Golf more than the rest though, hands down!

I wish I could write more about my SEA Games experience, but I am so spent and ready to sleep now. 😛 Having those withdrawal symptoms once more – not a good sign, hehe. Oh well, I absolutely love my Golf team! I hope that everyone will have a successful life from good solid hard work and maybe we’ll cross paths in future events! ❤

That’s all from me for now, folks! (I’ll slowly edit this post in time to come, heh)


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    I am a Singaporean student studying in Switzerland. I request your assistance to answer my survey form as part of my dissertation research in understanding your volunteer experience with the SEA games. You may also send it to other friends or family whom you know that have volunteered for the SEA games as well!

    Your help is greatly appreciated. Have a good day, thank you.

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