Work Diary – 10th Week

July starts tomorrow. What are my upcoming plans for the last month before university officially starts? How do I feel after working in the Customer Service/Admin field for 10 weeks? This brings light to my inner feelings: I’m absolutely scared and terrified of what the future may bring. But! I sealed my July (more or less) after confirming that I would be extending my work as a part-timer for another month. I do need the money for my travelling purposes and also… school. (What’s new?) Working for another month means that I will have to survive the same routine for another four more weeks before college starts!

Work-wise, riding on the SG50 hype, work is getting more and more crazier by the second. (By the way, you must know that I am typing this at work, haha!) On one hand, my colleagues and I have to deal with people who want to reset their Singpass Password. On the other, we have tons of elderly asking us to make their PAssion cards. & there are people asking for newspapers to read, students wanting to go into the study room, paying for their classes… I thought I knew everything there is to work, but no! Working at a community centre means that new classes keep popping up, and I have to familiarise myself with the activities and courses available to the public.

Counter duty can be really crazy at times, with 8 customers waiting in line and only two counter computers at the same time. Of course, customers must learn to be patient… Not all of them are, in the end. (Read on!)

I have to say: work used to be really smooth… until this community centre has a tendency to have the properties broken. Computers, elevator, printers, lights, A/C… you name it, we probably would have experienced that breaking down within the span of the week. Thus, having 8 or more customers waiting for you is not a pretty sight.

Especially when patience isn’t a trait common amongst all the customers. *sigh*

The busy life at work aside, the 10 weeks are very much enjoyable because of my colleagues who are like my parents and siblings (as if I don’t have my own). People do help me buy dinner and share their travel stories with me which is so awesome! During the first few days of Ramadhan, the CM bought durians and honestly, that was the best, if not the best, durian I had ever tasted. Yummz!

Also, there are the sweet customers who thanked me profusely for helping them with their transaction, be it the resetting of Singpass password, creating PAssion cards or anything else within our capacity. That kinda resets all the shitty stuff experienced throughout the day. At least someone appreciates us being there, doing our job… *yay*

Well, I have four weeks more to go and with National Day around the corner, hopefully I’ll survive at the end of it all!


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