50 Facts about Me

I feel like doing something random and I guess I’ll just type out 50 random facts about me. Be sure to ping me on your own post if you’ve done this! ๐Ÿ™‚ Read on~

  1. I live in Sunny Singapore!
  2. I’m in my first year of college/university.
  3. I am the youngest in my family.
  4. I’m currently studying Sociology.
  5. I own two DSLRs – a Nikon D200 (where I use it to train my skills) and a Canon Kissx5/600D (where it’s for daily use!)
  6. If I have to list down the skills I have… Singing, Drawing, Playing the ukulele, Dancing… Yeah, in that order.
  7. My life is pretty boring to a normal person; basically 40% is dedicated to volunteering.
  8. I hardly go out with friends.
  9. My favourite thing to do is playing the ukulele and sleeping because I’m sleep deprived almost every day.
  10. Currently I am in a school dance club and a school photography team.
  11. I can drive a manual car (stick-shift??). I got my license on the 13th of July!
  12. I really, really, really love grey. I hardly wear the colour out so as to preserve my love for it. White and black are close seconds.
  13. I love cats.
  14. ‘Kanochromia’ was formed out of my love for the first MMORPG game I played, Granado Espada.
  15. I’m really short-tempered and rigid.
  16. But… I love to work as a customer service officer because it is super challenging for me to control my temper and I find it fun when people strike a conversation out of thin air.
  17. I love my neighbourhood people. Jurong has the best people to meet. โค
  18. I’m a grassroots leader… but I actually hate that term.
  19. I’m 19 this year.
  20. I’m a Taurus/born in the year of the Rat.
  21. I love Chocolate…
  22. but I hate chocolate ice cream. Chocolate in ice cream form just puts me off so much.
  23. With that being said, my favourite ice cream flavours (in this order) are: Yam/Taro, Vanilla, Raspberry.
  24. I have a love-hate relationship with durians.
  25. I’m very highly sensitive to my environment…
  26. but you’ll see me as a person with dull sense because…
  27. I can act very well.
  28. I dream of performing in a musical, Lion King probably!
  29. I don’t really enjoy theme parks but if I have to go with a friend, I don’t mind. ๐Ÿ™‚
  30. I enjoy doing things alone most of the time: watching movies, going for a concert, explore the city and heartlands.
  31. Green tea (with absolutely no sugar) is my favourite drink.
  32. I like to spend my money on food and hair products. Cosmetics… maybe, since I do sometimes perform or have to attend weddings.
  33. I have two elder sisters.
  34. I’m the tallest female in my family.
  35. I have two ukuleles – a concert ukulele and a soprano ukulele (J.Kalei)
  36. I have not named my concert uke officially, so please help me! ๐Ÿ™‚
  37. My phone (HTC One M7)’s music playlist consists of 80% instrumentals and 20% English Music.
  38. Contrary to popular belief, I do listen to Malay music…
  39. Just that I listen to the same ones over and over again.
  40. I love to travel.
  41. I’m better at listening than giving advice.
  42. My favourite sport to play is frisbee and my favourite sport to watch is gymnastics.
  43. I am an avid reader… but I don’t really read the mainstream stuff like Paulo Coelho. I used to.. but not anymore.
  44. I’m a dreamer.
  45. I like stargazing and I’m thankful I get to stargaze from my bed.
  46. I treat the guys I talk to as brothers… it’s hard for me to actually like a guy O_O Yeah, I’m pretty dense.
  47. I don’t see myself in a relationship. The thought kind of scares me, really.
  48. I have a poker face.
  49. I work harder during holidays than during term time.
  50. The shoe size I wear is… size 40!

Well, that’s it folks! ๐Ÿ˜›


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