Recess Break!

Currently, I’m in the middle of my recess break! I wish I was out eating at a really cool cafe or at the library reading books but… this week will be the busiest week yet ever since college started!

If you didn’t know, tertiary schools (university/college) have staggered recess breaks. Last week, NUS and SMU had their recess break. This week is NTU’s turn!

– explanation over –

Thus far, my days so far have been all about research, research and research. I guess Sociology is really crazy about social facts and norms; I am even thinking about it when I am on the bus or walking to the shops. It’s pretty scary that I’m not really thinking through a micro perspective but rather a more macro one. I actually like my major (it’s a little bit intimidating sometimes) because I get to be a little bit more daring with my thoughts such as proposing ideas that may go against anybody’s beliefs (even mine!).

There is a slight shift in the way I interact with people as well, I realised. I become more self-conscious and aware of my surroundings. It’s crazy — sociology is a somewhat like psychology. Of course, the way we interrogate things are not the same as psychologists’.

Anyway, back to the recess break thing. I’m taking time out to actually write this even though I have a lot of essays and reports to write for my three modules (out of which, 2 must be done in a team). It’s crazy thinking about it, but I’m doing some rather significant research that is really relevant to my life – Religion, Family, Population & Migration. I guess that’s why I really like Sociology – it’s super relevant (some might say it is super commonsensical but I beg to differ as the term is subjective) to me and it actually helps me understand and appreciate the bigger things in life that boggles me to no end.

Since it is midweek and I have yet to complete a single piece of work, I think I better get on with the tasks due from next week onwards. I need to read “The Great Gatsby” and finish up on reading “Pride & Prejudice” by the end of Friday, at least!

It’s a lot of work… but I guess college is really crazy. Teachers told me that university would be a piece of cake, but what liars they are… Nonetheless, I’m having fun with new people and quite a new environment as a student.

Here’s to another half of recess break, and soon, we’ll welcome the second half of Year 1 Semester 1!



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