College Updates

I have been missing for less than a month – I’m not even guilty of it! College has been hectic (that’s an understatement, actually) and I’m pretty jumbled up about my college experience so far? Anyway, read on if you’re curious as to what’s going on in my life… I have got quite a bit to tell

I’m going to avoid listing down the things that has happened, but with my jumbled state of mind at this hour, I might jump into listing things. (At this rate, you might figure out that college has indeed made me into one lump of mess!)

As for classes, I’m coping with them pretty okay. The hard part comes in when trying to figure out what the professors/lecturers are saying. It could be more difficult than the task they give us… *annoyed* So much for a relaxing university life (thanks teachers for lying to us). My favourite module is actually my elective – Chinese Level 1. It’s starting to get difficult so I’m studying really hard for it on top of my core modules. (And I got 1st in class for the first Chinese quiz. If that isn’t putting tons of pressure on me, I don’t know what else will).

Competition in my school is pretty steep and what makes things worse is that there are closet muggers everywhere!! However, Junior College showed me half of reality in this scenario so I kinda dealt with them like a piece of trash in a mountain of chocolates. I’m glad to have a bunch of friends to hang out with in school and motivate each other occasionally. I’m known as the serious person (ironically, the laziest) and they all always make fun of me. 😦 but it’s okay so far. It’s fun whenever we hang out and play Wii at the Student Activities Centre… at least we’re all taking life as it is and not pressurising ourselves to the extreme!

My core modules are really dry (no joke) but I try to have as much fun as I can by being a social deviant in many ways such as this:


I wore that to 2 of my classes… one of which I had to present! A bit appalling, if you ask me, but there was a reason! I had to be a farmer for my presentation, and my part was for the rural marriages. Hence, the farmer costume! It is actually a pyjamas set of clothes, so it felt like I was going to bed instead of presenting…

Other than being a social deviant that terrorises the school, I am also in dance… Which is a lot more tiring because it’s contemporary and my dance training in junior college could only get me so far. I’m the slowest learner out of everyone (can’t deny, it’s the TRUTH!) and I’m super nervous! Why? There’s an upcoming performance for the dance team on November 1st and it’s going to be my first time dancing on an Esplanade Stage. Nonetheless, I am excited. Whoopee doo!

  • Not so much of ‘College Updates’

I started working as a Pizza Maker at Domino’s. It’s really scary and I’m just a scaredy cat. (lol) My first time in F&B industry and there are sooooo many things to take note of. It’s a huge deal being in this industry, what with hygiene and customer service to take care of. I’m still in the baby stages of making pizza but I can make several pizzas already without looking at the ingredients’ list!

You’ve now reached the end of this post! I think my semester 1 is far too hectic. Hopefully things start looking up before the semester ends. I’m truly exhilarated for what’s to come… but first, I need a good solid amount of sleep! Good night, loves!


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