Amidst the Hurricane

Comes a sense of calmness. My life is in a flurry right now and every moment I spend at home in my room or with my family is cherished greatly. It feels like I have been sleeping far too much, or studying far too little, with work in the background.

I am excited for my vacation this December. It’ll be the first time where I will be travelling back-to-back, from Indonesia to the United States to Malaysia. It is definitely going to be a challenge in trying to fight the massive jet-lag… but a challenge is a challenge, hey!

I’m not sure if I really want to document my entire journey like how I did for my Norway trip last December (I stopped at the point before Tromso, I think. I got too lazy). Perhaps I will take decent shots and compile them into an album for myself – and maybe for you to see if they turn out nice. I should treat this as a photography trip *epiphany*.

It’s close to 2AM right now… I wish I could write more, but I injured my right index finger and it hurts to type. See you in the next blog post, whenever it may be.


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