Half Deaf

My body has a natural condition whereby it does not push out the ear wax. Initially, I didn’t know of the condition, but the ear wax build up definitely wants to make itself known.

One day, I sneezed so loudly that my entire hearing on the left was blocked, and my right was partially blocked. I couldn’t hear myself, so I thought I spoke at a normal speaking volume. Instead, people kept asking me to repeat myself. Not only that, it became naturally for me to ask people to repeat themselves because I couldn’t hear them well.

It truly felt uncomfortable as more and more people got annoyed with me. 😦 So I went to the doctor to get it checked up and sure, I had a lottttt of ear wax. It was dried and hardened, so the doctor gave me this solution called Soluwax. I hated the trickling feeling of the liquid washing the inner ears.

It took a week or so to get the ear wax to soften (yes, quite long!), and sometimes I got so annoyed because I really hated being deaf. I also used Q-tips to dig out whatever ear wax that was softened (NOT RECOMMENDED because you tend to dig deeper and push the wax back in). It was always back to square zero because of my impatience. Finally I went back to the doctor’s to go for the syringing and it felt so so so so good (and ticklish). He had to switch up the power of the syringe for my left ear which hurt a little bit but nothing too serious.

After the mini procedure, I could hear the tiniest squeak from the lizard at the corner. SERIOUSLY, the whole process was a holy grail for me and I treasured my hearing so much more. For one, I don’t buy earpieces that dig deep inside my ear (such as the carnal earpieces) because I have no time to clean the thing and it facilitates the buildup of wax faster.

Right now, my right ear is blocked and I cannot wait to clear it out this coming Monday. It’s so annoying because I need my hearing for work. 😦 I don’t like being deaf, but one lesson I’ve learned is to be more thankful for my ability to hear. It’s unfortunate that my body has this condition and I would probably have to be on medication for the rest of my life  for this!

Treasure your hearing, everyone!


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