The End of Finals

… and that marks the end of Year 1 Semester 1. It has been a crazy ride, no doubt, but I did so many things that I could not have possibly done. For one, I drove my friends and we ate at 24/7 eateries for the first time in my life. After 12 midnight. I drove on the expressway more often with them that I did with my family, which is kind of… weird. 

I also went for my first karaoke/tioheng/doraebang which was quite fun. A little weird in the beginning but everyone sings weirdly in KTV so who caaaaares. I’m so glad to have met a bunch of friends who are studious and really play/party hard as well. And those heart-to-heart talks at 2am in the morning is pretty awesome as well :’)

I’ll be away almost the entire holiday and this sucks so much because I can’t go out with them. But I’ll be having an entirely different kind of fun in another country. Hopefully there are good practical souvenirs (which are hard to find but I won’t give up!) to gift my friends from the festive season.

Since I’m heading to NYC and Colorado (Fort Collins and Denver), any recommendations for food places? Do comment, because I have several unplanned days. Colorado is hard to navigate around due to its countryside-ish. ^_^


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