Plans for the Year

Nope, this isn’t a post about my trip to Indonesia or the States. Sorry to disappoint muahaha. I guess I wanted to write down what’s on my mind lately since school officially starts tomorrow (and I need one more module to make up 18AUs!). I feel much more prepared if I know what I am in for this year… Let’s get on with this!

I’m still in my first year of college, but it will be the second half of the academic year. I guess it is safe to say that I have more or less settled into the routine of going to a huge school aka college. Looking at my grades for this semester, they are pretty average but a good kind of average (since I had quite a bit of commitments in 2015). I must push it up to a better class within this semester though, because I have several aims that I want to fulfil, or maybe reach, if I don’t get chosen out of the lot.

The first thing I want to do is…

To stop being anti-social… at least for the activities I have signed up for and any other activities that potentially interests me. I’ve been shying away from civilisation far too much and my social circle has been the same since the start of college. It’s not that my circle of friends are unhealthy (on the contrary, these friends made me do things that I’ve never done before like driving way past midnight to eat), but I often find myself alone in congregations of sorts when it is not Sociology-related, like… dance. I feel like an awkward turtle because I simply don’t know how to create small talk. Usually I’ll just go straight to the deep topics which makes me kinda serious *I actually am not… I just like to act that way*. I tried creating small talk but I can’t sustain those conversations. /flails arms/

That’s one down. Next would probably be me getting a bicycle. I feel like I want to get some exercise done. Somewhere somehow. After finding out shorter routes to get to my classes, I significantly did lesser exercise which is baaaaad because I ain’t utilising the hilly campus to exercise. 😛 I’ve been trying to bargain with my mum about this because she feels that biking to school is dangerous. I still don’t find it that dangerous though, because I know some paths which are relatively safer than others… Still in a work in progress.

Third (and last), get my GPA up.

Because what else can I do as a student, eh?


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