Getting all the modules that I want!

… and that is really, really lucky for me. I guess I did plan well, because all the modules I wanted were not really in high demand as compared to those modules that are pass/fail or are known to be easier through word-of-mouth. I am taking 18 academic units this semester again. This time, however, I am overloading because most of the modules are core modules.

I have been sick the past week and skipped all my lectures except for the Monday one. So I have absolutely no idea what’s going on during the introductory lectures, and I’ve heard that the research module (HS2002) have a lot of things going on like us being separated into groups *already?!*. A bit nervous because I don’t know many friends in the same tutorial time-slot as I am…

Overall, this semester has been a real good luck for me in terms of getting the modules I want. My timetable is much more spread out across 5 days (compared to 4 last semester), so I have short days every day. Helps me plan out my work and study schedule better. Since I am planning to work 2 days max per week, I am left with a weekend off so I can either study, volunteer or just rest up for the upcoming days 🙂

I missed the deadlines to apply for AY16/17 Semester 1 and 2 exchanges. I guess I would have to wait for the 3rd round to apply for them. If not, I’ll just try my luck for AY17/18 Semester 1 and 2. I wasn’t around for most of the time during the application period, so I couldn’t dedicate much time to researching about the best university for my interests. (I saw Bryn Mawr College in one of the vacancy list for the Americas so… :P) A bit nervous though, as I would have to keep my GPA up above 3.5 (above 4 would be best!) for this semester. Overloading this semester seems to be a bit… tough but hopefully I can pull through!

Alrights! I have to study now. I’m still typing out drafts about my holiday trips so keep a look-out for those! 😀



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