physically wrecked

it has been a while since i’ve spoken on this platform, hasn’t it? much hasn’t change, i assure you. i’m still sane as ever, still as busy as ever. trying to catch up with life and just swimming with the rest.

there’s no point catching up with sleep either because i’ll never be fully rested. my brains is always in constant overdrive, and i don’t know how to satisfy my cravings. i keep coming up with questions and there aren’t any (enough) juices to answer them all. it’s pretty wrecked. i’m physically wrecked.

i go to school, moaning that i need sleep. i come home, face my bed, either take a nap (which turns into a sleep), wake up, moan about the workload that i have and it’s just a never ending cycle that i am in. *inserts curse words here, there, everywhere*

work has been more or less okay. i’ve subjected my physical strength to demands of my job and it has been seven months… more or less seasoned to the rigour. i guess it’s just school that makes my body go in overdrive because my schedules aren’t regular. i’m falling sick more regularly too, which is a bad thing that i must solve soon because finals are coming in less than 2 months-ish.

i haven’t been talking to antwand on skype, and i miss him a lot. he’s one of the very few people i can talk to without any filter (he deleted his blog, that old soul). i really do need to get my life together. not sure when that’ll be…

can’t wait for this coming thursday. i’m finally going out of the country. going to johor bahru with friends because we need a break from school. (honestly, recess week was a joke because all the professors assumed that we do not have assignments from other modules…) i just need to go out, have some legit fun and stop worrying about school for once.


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