this week’s hurdle is over

with the completion of my research presentation (proposal), i feel like a huge burden is off my shoulders.

i am not sure when i started to develop a fear of public speaking. thank goodness, i am still able to provide eye contact. but i tend to forget my script and that’s not good. even though i practised hundreds of times, nothing could actually beat the real thing. add in a time limit of 5 minutes and a need to be charming during your presentation…

i’m glad that that is over and i can finally focus on doing my research paper. not sure why, but it feels like i’m doing an actually paper rather than a normal tom-dick-harry assignment. it feels like a mini version of my final year project. (such projections make me a little bit scared)

i got another B+ for a homework and i’m rather annoyed. it’s neither a high or low grade (it’s still 4.00 out of a possible 5.00) but if i want to push my GPA up… man i need A’s. ugh this rat race is really pissing me off sometimes + it’s putting unnecessary pressure on me.

school aside, it’s finally friday! i have 43 minutes left till the start of my last class for the week. work starts at 6pm today like always (not a surprise because i normally work fri-sat-sun). only that tomorrow, i can’t work because i’m going across the borders to attend a relative’s wedding somewhere in johor bahru… time for chewing gummmm!

trying to figure out my schedule for upcoming weeks and i finally feel the drive to start studying once more. i totally burned out during week 4 to 8 this semester. totally hated school… i guess things are really getting better now.

till tomorrow… i will write again.


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