test of patience

today (or more like yesterday because it’s 1.33AM right now) was one of those days where Allah just wants to test your patience. it was tough, alright, but i pulled it out alive, alhamdulillah. He does not give a challenge that is greater than our capabilities, He knows we can do it.

we were stuck in a 4.5hr jam at the Tuas checkpoint between Malaysia and Singapore. we cleared the Singapore immigration really fast, but the Malaysian side wasn’t as forgiving on a weekend that marks the start of the March holidays for most public schools in Singapore. not going to talk so deep about it because i’m really exhausted…

erwin aka one of the jgcc domino’s managers called me while i was in johor bahru and he pleaded for me to work because there was only cik sal as the insider. i just took a plunge and said okay, even though i was in a different country at that point in time. long story short, reached home at 6.45pm, changed into my work clothes, brisk walked to work and that started the tiring shuttle between the kitchen, make-line and oventending (occasionally csr if there wasn’t any riders or erwin). a lot of things weren’t prepped for tomorrow so i had to rush doing a lot of the prepping. thank god there was irfan to do the pizza and a bit of the prepping. otherwise, cik sal and i would have to do it tomorrow morning (or more like today) because there’s gonna be just the two of us doing insider work for opening. sunday = rush, like any other f&b.

a lot of patience was being put to test as well, because some people just had to skip work without telling a few hours prior. i wasn’t scheduled to work. at all. if things did not turn out the way they were today, i wouldn’t be able to help irfan or cik sal at all. thank goodness there was fendi to help with most of the physical labour/cleaning. sometimes i feel like giving up, but thinking about the genuine souls at work just makes me continue pressing on and clocking in hours which i am not scheduled for.

work aside, there aren’t any pressing deadlines to meet this upcoming week, but there will be hall canvassing on monday night which i really need sleep for. bro-in-law’s birthday is on monday, but we’re celebrating it tomorrow (today, i mean) at around 5pm, so i switched my work hours to opening till around 3pm. not sure how i’m going to survive tomorrow (today)…

i need to start drafting my research paper for one of my modules and start revising for finals so i don’t cram everything into the last two weeks of this semester. a lot of scheduling to do but i can’t find time to do it… hopefully i’m not missing any important things in my current schedule 😦

just so scatterbrained… patience, nazira.


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