An open letter to K.Shanmugam and to my Muslim Friends – Islamaphobia


An open letter to K.Shanmugam and to all my Muslim Friends

In a dialogue session with some Madrasah students a couple of days ago, Shanmugan said that non-Muslim Singaporeans ought to reach out to Muslims.

shan1I also say.

Shanmugan’s latest statements are refreshing, given that the global and (and sometimes local) narrative have largely placed the onus on ordinary Muslims to stop “distancing” themselves, reach out to non-Muslims,  and integrate into society.

It is indeed high time for non-Muslims (myself included) to examine our own actions. And if we take a closer look, the double standards shown by some non-Muslims are real.

Non-Muslim Singaporean readers, when was the last time we wished a Muslim neighbour “Selamat Hari Raya”, or made an effort to hang out with a Muslim friend?

…. And yet we bemoaned when some Muslims did not wish to greet Christians with a Merry Christmas or Hindus with…

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