April’s Musings

The last time I blogged was in March. It’s already the last day of April. Where has the time gone? Then again, I feel like so many things happened in such a short time, but to my surprise, a full month has flown by just like that. It makes me scared to actually count the number of months left to the year of 2016.

After thinking about what has gone through this semester (of school) at least, I would conclude that it hasn’t been the easiest on me – physically and mentally. I thought I swore to myself prior to this semester that I would lay off working more shifts… but I didn’t. I didn’t fulfil that promise.

Instead, I worked more shifts than ever, sometimes working four to five days a week, 6 hours per shift. It wasn’t because I needed that money… but because I wasn’t in the best mental state during this period of time. Close family members were hospitalised at the same time – my dad (for a month), then my mom (for 9 days) and then my dad again for four days-ish (the same time with my mom).

There was a lot of shuttling between the hospital, school, work and home. I missed a lot of school. Even when I didn’t have to go to the hospital, I purposely missed a few lectures. I didn’t want to socialise with a few people who made my existence a pain. I’d rather miss school totally. I stuck to doing readings during the “free time” I had, but a lot of the time was spent mulling on how life could be better. How life… could be so much better.

Hats off to those who willingly shared their notes with me when I missed lessons purposefully or not. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to survive this semester.

I knew I was wrecking my soul – and thus, my GPA. That was the outcome to me working a lot. All my weekends were spent working at Domino’s – making pizza, attending to customers, cleaning the store with my colleagues, singing songs. Without one work shift during the rush hours, I felt like my life was really… useless. I needed the physical activity to wear me out. Going home would just be an easy job, because I will fall asleep like a lamb.

When everyone was home (which was a day before my finals), I felt a certain liberation from this burden which was indescribable. It was a tad bit too late to study harder, but at least I could focus on my papers a little better.

Working so many shifts wasn’t a bad point, I would say. Even though it wrecked my body physically, I was able to learn more about patience and practised my craft in dough stretching. School was a little forgiving on the social side as well, I would like to admit even though I skipped most part. Friends (those who had a heart, at least) helped me eased into the hectic semester with what some modules were just horrible to begin with. My freshman orientation committee peeps were really accommodating to my schedules, even though I paitao-ed a lot of study sessions (I just wasn’t in the mood to make the commute + hospital). I grew relatively closer to the colleagues at work, and it is a blessing in disguise to have a brother in Islam to tell me his story about his past. I learned a lot from his wisdom and mistakes.

My last paper for this semester will be in two days’ time. Coming Tuesday, I may not be as prepared as the 80% of the students taking HS2019 Science and Technology, but I have learned a lot in articulating my ideas. My GPA will be unassumingly pulled down since I overloaded this semester with 3 credits more, but I am not particularly upset about it. I have a lot more things to cherish on my plate, especially the challenges, experiences and life in general has to offer.

This Summer will be a great one, if I make it to be a great one. I’ve been blessed to have started taking Class 2B lessons starting March, and the extra shifts at work has helped me pay off a lot of it. I still have a few more stages to go and it’s a fun experience so far. Dropping the bike and failing the lessons (thus, burning $25 each time I fail) can be disheartening, but family and friends have always supported me throughout so I shan’t give up on a whim.

I’ll be going to Vietnam this May-June as well from 24th May to 1st June on a solo adventure. I haven’t planned out my itinerary, but if you’re in the area, be sure to comment and maybe we can go on an adventure together. The areas I’ll be visiting (in order) are: Ho Chi Minh, Mui Ne, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh (for a few hours on the 1st of June before I fly back to Singapore).

Till then.



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