The Word ‘Sorry’

I don’t always apologise.

But when I do, I actually mean it.

I don’t get it when people don’t apologise. Or maybe when they think that they don’t accept others’ apologies because they are far too valuable in society. That egoistic thinking is definitely the bane of one’s existence because they do not learn humility. And they probably never will because they won’t accept others’ point of view.

When apologies are not accepted, it is sometimes not the person (who apologises) fault. But it is the person who is the receiver of the apology. I think they need to learn humility. And stop being so egoistic all the time and think that they are right every single time.

For me, it is difficult to apologise because I know I have quite a big ego. But I try to apologise. Because it is essential to make me realise that I am human and I make mistakes. I am not always right.

No matter how painful it is, I try to apologise for my mistakes. And actually mean it.

I think I should just do my part in apologising for my mistakes. And stop caring about others. Because I have a lot of flaws to correct, and why waste time poring over others’ flaws?


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