Grades REALLY aren’t everything

This will be a short post that will not be conclusive of all the thoughts that I currently harbour towards (more of the) people and (less of) the education system in Singapore. Being in this totek lek country (*super small country*) ever since I existed, I learned that grades really. isn’t. everything.

You’ll never learn to speak up if you’ve never participated in class discussion voluntarily. Grades can’t help with that. Maybe institutions will enforce the class participation portion towards grading but if you’re doing it because of the points – forget it.

If you’ve never volunteered, it’s surely gonna hurt you in ways you’ve never imagined. A lot of the people I know started volunteering in fear. Schools made it compulsory. But because they do it often, they start to learn to love. Grades can’t do that shit. Friends become empathetic and less self-centred. Of course they aren’t totally selfless like Mother Teresa, but hey, we all agree that this world needs some more love right? It’s really time for us to stop laughing at others’ disabilities and actually get the equality levels right. We have a heart for a reason. Use it. (and that, grades can’t help a single shit guys)

I’ve been wondering why a few people have been talking about grades and try to define people through them. When I point out about their behaviours, they become absolutely defensive! What a shock! *sarcasm* These people claim to be the holiest grain of rice, saying that “it’s so sad… I thought they are so smart!” Stop being the bullshit of the bullshit grain of rice.

In short, stop being a hypocrite.

I’ve been thinking of how to phrase this post for so long, but I’ve just given up and I’ll put the words here raw and crude. Not everyone is made for the same cookie cutter – I’m sure you’ve heard of that phrase sometime in secondary school. Grades really isn’t everything. I’ve seen people go from first class to third and vice versa and it’s because of their own will. For me personally, first class is a bonus and I’m aiming for second upper as a benchmark. But I’m not killing myself to get there. I’ve got a million and one things to worry about on my plate and grades isn’t it. Because I believe that grades really isn’t everything.

I feel that you should stop imposing that on others too. Because you are degrading other people’s mindset and existence. And their will to work hard because of your own expectations on them.

This post is directed towards a friend whom I have held my tongue to prevent hurting his/her rather big ego. But I feel like this is a topic that is rather universal especially in a capitalist society + a society that is harping on the worst sides of education aka grades/paper quals.

To that friend, specifically; stop being a hypocrite, I beg of you. Stop victimising yourself, thinking that you’re unsuitable for a university education but yet talking about people like you’re the better one. I feel like time on Earth is too short to dwell on others’ insecurities and problems without their permission and maybe you should use the time to better yourself. There is a reason why you’re in a university and you should probably make use of the remaining time you have to make a difference to yourself because I think you need it more than you think you do. (I guess I’m taking some time to worry about you because you’re my friend. Otherwise, to hell with your existence.)

Then again, maybe your ego’s too large for the world to handle. To that, suit yourself.

Letting the handles go~ It’s time for me to focus on much better things now, now that I’ve said my piece.

Till next time.



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