Third Last Day of Fasting: Past Year and Now

As I turn into an individual that has several roles to play – one that goes to school, one that goes to work and one that volunteers, I often have no time for my own personal life and family.

Last year, I had been fortunate enough to spend almost the entire of Syawal with my family because I had quit my job at Gek Poh Ville CC a few days before Eid. At that time, school hasn’t started. However, the journey to the month of Syawal was painful, because of the work shifts I had that were non-relenting. At that point in time, I had been commuting to BBDC for car driving lessons and then heading to work. My work shifts are almost always the afternoon ones, which started at 1, and ended at 10. I rarely had the morning shifts – 9AM till 6. Due to the schedule, I hardly got to break fast at home. Sure, the first two weeks were painless enough, but as soon as it reached the last two weeks of Ramadhan, I had to bite my tongue and almost always cry thinking about the lost time with family.

This year is slightly different. I had school commitments as well as work. Luckily enough, work is just a five minute walk from home and my mom always walked to the Domino’s store to give me my food for break fast. Otherwise, the Jurong bazaar was just a minute away across the street. No problem. Ramadhan wasn’t as difficult as last year – I conclude, but Syawal is soon expected to be more difficult.

I am working shifts during the first week of Syawal, mainly because I am unable to go back to my hometown with my family. There were discussions to rent a car to fit all seven of us, but rental rates shot up to $400/day which was just not worth the extra expenses. Plus, I had an important test on the 11th and I had several prep lessons from Thursday to Sunday. The difficulty climbs steeper when most of my colleagues will be taking Hari Raya leave and the few people at work makes me doubt whether we can survive the Eid Rush sales during dinner time.

The first week will be difficult for me, personally, because I can’t get to spend more time with my extended family (not that I am close to them in the first place). But I guess it will get better in the second week, when everyone is back in Singapore. It’s gonna be tough being away from my family during this coming weekend but I just gotta suck it up and deal with it…

p.s. I’m thinking of getting a fourth piercing (upper earlobe) on my right ear where I have my forward helix piercing. I’m thinking of the meaning for it though and whether it suits me. I wish I am brave enough for a conch piercing or a snug. Hmmm…

Till next time.




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