[ANGST POST!!] What I HATE about Raya visiting

The thing about Eid (be it in Ramadhan or Syawal) is that relatives will come over and ask for forgiveness. But being a part of the Malay society, judgmental remarks will often be passed on during this period without knowing that they have actually sinned more than they actually intend. Mind you, these mistakes can be thoroughly avoided.

“When are you getting married?”

“When are you getting pregnant?”

“Why have you gotten so fat?/You have grown so big (horizontally)!”

“Are you currently studying? *proceeds to hesitate in giving money*”


There are so many more that has been said and seriously, I’ve gotten the “why have you gotten so fat” statement far too many times and seriously, no matter how much I exercise I am still this size and gaining more muscles instead. Mind you, I can carry my own weight which is 70kg and those who are telling me this probably can’t.

If I were to be nasty, I probably would say this:

“You haven’t changed much since the last Eid. You’re still as fat as I have last seen you.”

Ouch much? Well yeah, the people who keep saying this are literally so fat /brutally honest here/ that they probably couldn’t outrun a stationary object on the escalator.

Just shut up okay. Nobody needs to know why people aren’t getting married or having babies. Who knows, they might have financial instabilities or a medical condition that gives a couple inability to conceive. And those questions will definitely trigger and lower their self-esteem.

Sometimes I wish that people, especially the makciks and pakciks in the Malay society, be more conscious of what their saying. Have a little conscience, or else being a Muslim celebrating Eid is just for nought. (What for avoiding hurtful words during Ramadhan but don’t carry it forward to the new Islamic year?)


*harsh truth right here*



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