Being Active!

School (academics) hasn’t been very kind on my soul and I need a lot of break from the heavy workload filled with readings after readings after readings… And I soon realised (well actually I have known for a very long time) that I am putting on so much weight and feeling super inactive. Having a motorbike and knowing the shortcuts in school when I am getting from one class to another doesn’t help myself get the exercise even though NTU is on a freaking MOUNTAIN!

So I decided… to actively find ways… to exercise. I’m proud to say that I have jogged twice this week, did HIIT once on Wednesday before class and did a 15 minutes core workout an hour ago. So far so good.

What’s the end goal of it all, you ask?

Maybe I just want to be a fitter me – less lazy and maybe fit a few clothes that are one size smaller than my current size because I feel so fat and demoralised 😦 (though I am quite strong and can lift my weight!). Plus I do want to start donating blood once more because I don’t see myself traveling to rural areas for quite some time. Hopefully when my six months quarantine is up (December 2016), my blood will be healthier and piled with good haemoglobin levels! I’m a Bpos!!

Sad to say that I sprained my ankle yesterday before I went to school. It wasn’t a bad sprain, but I had to seek refuge at the void deck. A kind neighbour asked if I needed her assistance to the doctor but it wasn’t that bad… (I have really good neighbours!! So blessed!) Can’t run for quite some time because I tried to do simple jogging on the spot and it was so easy to slightly twist my ankle… and it hurts lah!

Hopefully I can start jogging next week. Meanwhile, I shall just head to the exercise corner near my home and spam the cycling machine. Do some HIIT exercises and I was thinking of getting weights because it is so damn difficult to find 5kg weights at home. I do get bored of doing push-ups even though I am carrying a quarter of my body weight!

It’s quite fun to see how alive I get when it comes to exercise. Best part? I get to eat whatever I want (in moderation) with no guilt because I am soon going to burn all of the excess fats off hopefully! 🙂

Okay time to get some studying done. Procrastinated a bit too much today!


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