Many a Things have Changed

Change is good. Change is seasonal. Change is forever.

That is what I’ve learned throughout the summer break, amongst many other things. It has been a painful Summer, shuttling between school, riding lessons, work and family time (because yes, school’s out so I have to have some time for family).

Perhaps my outlook in life has also changed – I became much more stricter with myself in terms of expectations as well as not being a hypocrite to my beliefs (well, lesser). I chose my friends and grew myself into a person much more loyal and fierce for them, disregarding people who cared nothing of others. I knew that time was much more precious this Summer break, because if I wasn’t working, I relished the few hours of sleep I could get in between schedules.

Due to the unrelenting workload of Summer 2016, I fell sick much more frequently. Part of the reason is due to me going out with the Domino’s kids after work which is way past midnight… (but I hardly have a social life, hence I gave up sleep to spend time with friends).

There were a lot of challenges too, on top of my hectic schedule… but I am so proud to have passed my 2B license on the 25 of July. Not only that, I got my bike on the 15 of August…

It’s absolutely surreal that I actually never gave up even though I failed my TP test twice. Honestly, I was lucky I passed on the third try. And really so damn proud that I paid everything out of my own pocket. Really.

This wouldn’t have happened without the best people in my life – mom, Fazul and Yuhui specifically. They comforted me when I failed my second time, because I wasn’t sick at that time (I was terribly ill on my first TP test).

I wish I could write everything in my brain right now, but I’m overwhelmed with emotions and pretty worn out.

Summer 2016 has indefinitely changed me a lot, and it will always keep reminding me of things that could have been if I never dared to fly. But I wasn’t scared and I tried. Hopefully, the next break will be another phenomenal milestone to my life.


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