Guide: Short, Smart, Sweet Study Tips

Currently, it is 1.10AM and I am at a void deck studying with one of my friends.

He will be having his exam, while I will be having my paper submissions pretty soon. Since it’s appropriate timing, I’d love to some study tips which will hopefully help you students facing the wrath of deadlines and exams!

The Golden

  1. If you have a whole book to read and memorise, read the entire book like a storybook first before you memorise the contents. More often that not, many of the contents are repeated and it’s better for you to get a gist of what the book is talking about before writing down any notes for you to memorise. My friend has a Customer Service Management exam tomorrow, and he still hasn’t read the entire book. But since it’s CSM, many of the contents are repeated with his other modules so he found it pretty repetitive.
  2. Grab the main points by the headings, not by the details. Sure, some questions in the exam just like to ask about the details, but if you can fluff up the story logically, then why not? (I’m in Sociology and knowing the rough ideas of a point just helps a lot, rather than memorising word for word)
  3. Writing down all the important points… which helps a lot after reading the entire chunk of texts. Personally, I am a visual person; after I read the excerpts, I wouldn’t want to remember all the anecdotes so I write down the important ideas the author is talking about. It serves as another method for me to memorise, on top of saying it out to reinforce the ideas.
  4. Keep on reading your notes. Remake them if you have to – especially when you’re a Humanities student (this applies to all students if you have content-heavy modules!) You can only remember all those information if you understand them over and over. Your memory is akin to a goldfish… But if you revise, your brain can become an elephant’s.
  5. Exercise. I’m not even joking. You need oxygen flowing into your brain. It helps a lot because your concentration spikes into the good zone and your focus increases by a LOT. 🙂

So those are (hopefully) helpful study tips for you guys because these have definitely worked for my friend and I.

All the best for your exams, guys!



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