Stray Cat Sterilisation Programme (SCSP)

Co-funded by Cat Welfare Society and the Agri-food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore, with support from Town Councils, I managed to get a veterinary slot for the community cat, Sayang!This is my first time actually caring for a cat daily (a really huge commitment) and a stray cat at that. It’s a little intimidating, but soon I grow to love feeding the community cat.

To take it a step further, I wanted her to be neutered because I didn’t want any more kittens around my area. Pets are a huge responsibility, and strays even more. There shouldn’t be unnecessarily culling than it should (yes AVA/NEA comes quite regularly), so neutering is the best option.

Being a student, I can get really broke. I have several responsibilities like paying for school food, petrol for my motorbike, saving up money for any miscellaneous expenditures and after spending good quality cat food, I’m left with very little for any emergencies. (Plus I don’t work very often so financially, I am handicapped!)

I am quite thankful that such a programme like Stray Cat Sterilisation Programme (SCSP) exists. Granted, for this programme I had to be a member for $40 annually, but I think it’s a small price to pay for the betterment of the animals here in Singapore.

You can find out more information about the programme here.

After sending an email, I received replies within 3 working days. Due to an unclear situation (they thought I adopted the cat, which wasn’t true since she doesn’t stay in my house and is a stray cat), it took 2 more days before I was assigned a slot for next Friday.

The clinic they assigned my cat to was not very far, which is quite convenient. However, I’m not sure if I can transport the cat on public transportation even if it is in a cat carrier, so I might just use my family’s off-peak car. (It’s ok, it’s $20… I can go to school afterwards to study!)

I’m a bit nervous to lure the cat into the cat carrier, but hopefully things will be fine.

On a side note, there is another programme if you choose to not become a CWS member. It is called the Subsidised Sterilisation Programme. You can read all about it here, too.

I’ll keep you all updated on how things go.

Till next time!



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