Mid-Semester: OVER!?

Honestly, I cannot believe that recess week is over. Almost over but don’t mind me: Sundays usually are filled with a ton of work and it passes by in 12 hours instead of 24. I’m kinda… worried as to how Week 8 of school will pan out.

To sum up Recess week (or study break/more like catch-up week), I did have some time to spend with my friends (not so much my family because I get sick of them since I am often home from Wednesday to Sunday). Monday was with my brother, Tuesday was with my Sociology friends #socikids and suppers in between.

There were lots of assignments due on top of mid terms on the 4th of October. Yes, somebody kill me now?

These few days I have been quite mentally unstable as well, and I keep having to fall back on my last stash of antidepressants. Not sure if I want to get a new batch or a new prescription because the effectiveness has been 80/20 (80% being the success). I’m getting a bit of the side effects because I reduced the frequency to thrice a week (as opposed to 5 times a week, and every day 6 months ago).

I’m trying to find an alternative to these anti-depressants because I feel a little too dependent on it, which is really bad when I fall into another phase.

Okay happy thoughts.

School is starting on Monday again and I can’t wait to see my friends. I guess they are the stable part of my life right now and I don’t need to be too far away from my normal self when I’m with them. There are lots of stuff to do and think about too, so I guess I can keep myself away from the sad and harsh thoughts.

A bit tough… but I guess it’ll work out.

It has to.



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