Day 1: Midterms are Over

Dear Diary,

I can’t say that I am pleased with the outcome of today. However, I feel like I did the best that I could, considering the amount of effort I did up to the very last minute this morning. Having two midterms in a day is a great big feat, especially when I have been skipping almost all of the lectures for one of my modules. I depended solely on the textbook, and I realised that it’s really useful even though there’s an overload of information.

It’s also nice to sit around with friends, chatting about the adversities in life (in this case, how absurd one of the tests today was) and just having fun talking about the things that isn’t life threatening. Every day, whenever I see my friends, I feel thankful that I have a circle of trustworthy friends to fall back on. To be honest, I haven’t been the best friend ever existed because I always disappear. I really want to be there for my friends when they need someone. That’s what friends do. Did I mention that I love my small circle of friends very much? Well, now I do.

Around 8pm today, I was supposed to go for an awards ceremony. But I came and left (without the award), because I wanted to spend time with my mom. (I will get the monetary reward later; I don’t prioritise getting the money much) I have been caught up with my personal dilemmas and school/work that I haven’t spend enough time with her. It’s difficult with many things going on, but I should at least take some time out to do a simple thing like spending time with her. It’s only right, because I’m her daughter. We talked about many things, but mostly about motorbikes. And then I told her the truth, that I have been to JB on my motorbike 2-3 times. It’s only fair that I tell her; at least she knows that I wasn’t fooling around too much.

Right now, under my nose, lies a thick book of Classical Social Theorists. I’m a little bit scared to face the onslaught of Durkheim’s theories and all. We’re supposed to do a mind map based on his ideas, but I’m stuck after the first few paragraphs. Perhaps the bulk of today has been draining most of my energy, and I can’t bring myself to do homework.

It’s alright, I guess. We all have our moments when we don’t want to do homework. I wish I could do something else, but whenever I try to do something other than studying (for today), I feel sluggish and guilty.

Writing this also makes me feel bad. I guess I have to go back to studying before I run out of time. I guess I write more soon. Maybe tomorrow, if I’m not tired and if things are interesting enough for me to document.

Goodnight, diary.




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