Day 3: Morning Flurry

Dear Diary,

I skipped Day 2, didn’t I? I thought of writing yesterday, but I was a bit too overwhelmed with school in the morning, feeding the cat in the afternoon… and procrastinated a little (by 6 hours). I am currently watching a few Korean dramas, nothing worth obsessing though because they are the normal cliche ones.

I managed to understand the bulk of my Statistics homework for once, even though understanding the vague phrasing is a chore. HS3002, anyone? It’s the second time I finished it on a Wednesday, since the submission deadline is by Friday 5pm. It’s great since I technically did not have to go to school on Thursday and Friday. But I had to anyway.

This morning was pretty busy because I had a job interview in school for an admin position. It’s good experience and money, since the job will last from mid-October till March next year. If I get this position, I’d be rest assured of my finances and my Domino’s job will be just a regular 2 day/week kinda thing.

I’ve got work today at Domino’s from 5pm till 10. I’m not sure if I want to push it earlier so I can do my research papers after work. Not too sure if I am motivated to do my submission tasks right now because the idea of binge watching random dramas is too great. Haven’t been feeling studious right after midterms ended. 😦

I’ll see what happens later on. What a boring day…





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