Day 6: Lost Track of Time

Dear Diary,

To be honest, I totally forgot about you. I was supposed to document the highlights of my life, wasn’t I? The past 3 days were really hectic, I suppose.

Friday was alright. I had a campus job from 4-10pm. It wasn’t very difficult, and the job scope was like a logistics kinda thing. I managed to make friends with the people I work, including the superiors. It was kinda fun too to trick some of them (who were Indonesians) thinking that I was Indonesian. 😛 The event was to acknowledge the new batch of presidents for the student clubs in Nanyang Technological University and I totally screamed for the HSS and PERBAYU presidents. 🙂

Even though I was quite sleepy at the end (not tired, because the job scope was really really light), I went to Domino’s to help out with the closing of the store. The atmosphere’s quite the usual. Since I didn’t work at Domino’s, I felt bad. Rush days (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) are really terrible and tiring.

Anyway, I was feeling a little moody (these few days I haven’t been in the pink of health mentally) so I hung out with my big (non-biological) brother. Played with Sayang the cat, ate wanton mee at Teh Tarik and just talked about life.

It feels nice to be able to try and be myself around friends like my big bro, dee and li. I haven’t truly shown my true self to anyone yet, because I feel reserved and private. I’m glad that there are friends who truly protect me such as pf, bloss, eunice and the three guys mentioned. Whenever I feel stifled at home, I’m quite fortunate to have them to talk to or just hang out.

Oh yeah, today is big brother’s birthday. I’m immensely thankful for his presence. I’m not sure where to start to thank him. When I first met my brother in Domino’s, he’s the most idiotic person who liked to disturbed all the insiders. Apparently he was testing the waters on how to deal with me, because I wasn’t one of the typical insiders (nobody else was from a university and a female at that). He was the one who motivated me to take a motorcycle license and challenged me to improve myself.

Sometimes I cry because he pushed my boundaries too much, but I understand that he wanted his little sister to grow mentally stronger. I’m kinda thankful that there is a friend who actually does this to see people grow. ❤

Happy Birthday bro! Can’t wait to see you get married!! 🙂




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