Day 10: Lethargy

Dear Diary,

This time, I really didn’t want to write that much. I have been really busy and spending any pockets of time to do study, do work or have those moments as relaxation time. Without knowing it, its already Week 9 of school. 18 November will be the first day of finals for me, and like anybody else, I am not looking forward to that horror.

Then again, December will be much of a flurry. I’m a bit lost, diary, because I’m currently saving up for so many things next year. I’m not even sure if I’m able to save up for that many stuff (for the record, I need to get $5k at least by February, and I’m only $1k down). It’s really scary… Can I do this?

With finals coming and lots of events coming up… I’m just clueless as to my abilities.

Let’s hope that things run smoothly till next year, at least.

Till then.



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