Day 16: Missing Classes, Stomach FLU!

Dear Diary,

I feel like an utter piece of shit right now, but I’m getting better with time, thank God!

Yesterday night around 2.30AM, I had the worst case of food poisoning/stomach flu (they had similar symptoms) that I have ever had in my existence. Throughout the entire day, I vomited (even after taking a jab at the doc’s) and it wasn’t really nice.

Initially I thought of going for my 12.30pm lesson yesterday. I felt shittier. Thought of sleeping in till 4pm, and then going for my important lesson at 5.30pm, but nope, I was at the peak of my sickness – falling into a high fever of 38 degrees celcius. It was a shitty day yesterday.

After sleeping off the fever, I felt immensely better (which is today). So I managed to get some emails sent (especially to my employer because today was my first day at a campus job!) and also managed to meet my friend’s husband, who is helping me into the business world. (see if I like doing business!)

It’s a little tiring and I have to get my Statistics homework done. Gotta record an overdue presentation and do some readings – especially on Durkheim and Weber. I’m so behind schedule – a whole day late. 😦 I’ve got to do the structure for a write up as well, which I haven’t read much on. Don’t wanna let my partner down in that writing project!

Time to go….

Till then,



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