Day 21: Back to the Grind

Dear Diary,

It’s been almost a week since I had stomach flu. Today will be the first day of school proper for me in a week. I have a mere 2 to 3 weeks left of teaching weeks before I’m shuffled into the exam halls. I know I need to buck up, and it’s gonna be crazy till then.

On Saturday I felt even worse, with sore throat, flu and fever. But being diligent with gargling saline solution and eating my medication and resting almost 24 hours in that day helped a lot. The sleep wasn’t really sleep, but it was like a hibernating period for my body to fight off the flu. I didn’t feel especially refreshed after that “sleep” so I had to sleep some more for the proper “sleep” healthy people do.

I’m much better today, having tiny coughs here and there. Managed to clear my system full of mucus. Can’t eat medication before school because I will fall asleep which is bad for me if I want to pay attention during class haha. So I’ll eat it after I come home from school.

These few days have been tiring, but it’s getting better. I’m glad. 🙂




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