Day 25: Instant Noodles & Vietnam Coffee

Dear Diary,

I woke up really late today because I reached home at 5AM from JB. It was really unintentional; I didn’t know that the customs would be jammed at 3AM in the morning. So I woke up at 8.30AM after snoozing my alarm multiple times (bad mistake) and totally rushed to shower. Reached work on campus exactly at 9.01AM which is really lucky. Traffic to school was quite bad but I managed to weave in and out of the rows of cars and trucks (#motorcyclepower).

Totally had a lack of sleep and was a zombie at work. Did my readings during pockets of time when there’s nothing to do. Went to North Spine to bank in my cheque, walked away from McD’s/KFC’s queue without buying anything because lunch hour sucks and went home to sleep.

And I overslept for work at Domino’s. Pretty lucky to “skip” work unscathed because I didn’t send any confirmed schedule for this week because I have been running around everywhere so it doesn’t make any sense to send in a confirmed schedule and then not be able to make it.

But I did say I was going to work during the weekends (but my hours are not confirmed) so I’m still on the flexible side.

Since I had to night all to myself today, I ate instant noodles and a cup of coffee. Tomorrow (apparently) will be quite busy, so I doubt I would have the motivation or the time to study. So hopefully coffee will help me stay awake tonight to do at least a decent amount of studying to cover for tomorrow.

Becoming kinda chubby lately. *sigh* I really want to start playing badminton once more.

Till ‘morrow, if I have the time.




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