Day 58: Exams Over, Winter Holidays (?)

Dear Diary,

I am completely done with my first semester of sophomore year. I ab-so-lute-ly cannot believe that I am through with 3 semesters of college. How can time pass so fast?!

I wish I could have studied more – but some modules were no longer salvageable to me. This semester was really trying – I hated the idea of school more than anything… Nonetheless, I look forward to the next semester because I can get to choose the modules that really go in-depth into the specialization that I want!

Looking at my schedule for this Winter break, however, makes me want to vomit a little bit. I’ve got ~6 weeks before Semester 2 starts, but oh boy, I can never find a week really empty. It’s work, work, and work. I guess that’s the pain of traveling – you have to save up because money does not grow on trees!

I’ve been looking at endowment/savings plans too (i.e. insurance plans). Been reading up on stock trading, bonds, ETFs and more in my spare time. Knowing that it’s so difficult to save up, I really feel that such schemes are beneficial… but it really is difficult to find a reliable one that can get 100% guarantees due to the admin fees. *needs help in this area*

With a short 6 week dive away from school, I can’t afford to waste this time ever. I’m a little overwhelmed because I’m doing hands-on training for myself, by myself. It gets really lonely, but when I think of the end goal, I don’t think I would regret it. Eventually, things will work out… right?




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