Day 67: The Fallen

Dear Diary,

I am not in the best state of health. Fell sick right after I got back from Vietnam, or more like I was sick on the last day I was there. Vietnam was quite fun, albeit a bit stressful when you’re traveling with a cranky parent. Besides that, I did meet a few familiar faces in Ben Thanh Market though, which really sparked a warm fuzzy feeling. I love Vietnam…!

Ever since I got back, sleep became my number 1 activity. I guess I really wanted to get back to my schedule as fast as possible because work was beckoning to me… (especially when I have lots of things coming up!) Being sick pretty frequently during the holidays is really shitty… 😦 Need to keep up with my health!

I’ve been thoroughly considering going on Exchange as well – possibly to South Korea. Thinking about my finances, I suppose it is much more worth it to go for a semester exchange rather than a summer exchange because my tuition fees will be paid for. For summer exchange, it would be held during the special terms, which will not be covered by my subsidy. There are a lot of things to think about – more headache-inducing factors like course matching… But nevertheless, I have a few days to get down to the dirt of things. I would have the entire 2017 to save up, because I would be going during my second semester of my junior year (aka January-June of 2018!). Plus, this wouldn’t affect my summer months which I plan to go for internship!

So many opportunities are starting to spring up which is really awesome. But I do have to consider which ones are truly beneficial, and which ones are just going to be a pain in the ass to deal with…

Hopefully I will be able to schedule all the activities nicely soon… A lot of things on my plate!



p.s. writing this during work. I’ve got 1 hour left before my shift ends! Time flies really fast today – I like! 😛


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