Day 80: Holiday Mood

Dear Diary,

Almost one week later, I write in you. Many things happened within those 7 days, of which majority was bad. But I learned more about life – when shit happens, you really just take it. Sometimes you feel that Allah swt is being unfair… He gave a lot of problems and I feel like giving up…

Then I realised that He is the one who gave me challenges and He knows that I am able to get through it. There is always a hikmah (reason??) behind every occurrence, and even though I feel tired, upset and just in total disbelief, I know that I can get through this if God wills, insya’Allah.

On to better things – ever since some events happened, I actually felt more at peace. I got to spend time with my family for the first time ever on a Sunday and that was a first in a very long time. Usually I would be at work, but nope, I was able to spend time with them and did not argue with my dad over where to eat or what!! That’s really a miracle, alhamdulillah, because we almost always quarrel, some for the stupidest reasons but yeah. My mom is much happier; I now spend more time at home as I don’t work at Domino’s anymore (yes). She still gets annoyed though, because now, I go out with friends more often. But yes, she is contented that I am not breaking bones or experiencing cuts at work. 🙂

I also got more time to spend with friends on a DAY-ly basis. In other sense, I used to only spend time with friends at night (past midnight) because of work. But now, my days are completely free (well not really). I actually managed to reconnect with old friends – those whom I have not spoken to for more than a year.

On to jobs wise: even though I am no longer working at the pizza parlor, I realised that I have a lot more jobs waiting for me… Such as really fulfilling my GEL friend role as well as an admin assistant at the School of Electronics and Electronic Engineering (EEE). I do learn a lot of admin stuff and it’s pretty chill. Not only that, I occasionally work for NTU Office of Admissions and Financial Aid (OAFA) because my ex-boss from my first job (yes I worked at NTU prior to entering NTU) gave me several 🙂 Point to note, all of the jobs pay more than what I work at Domino’s and requires less physical activity.

I realised that Allah swt is really rich, to say in layman terms. I just can’t comprehend how great Allah swt is because of His powers to grant people happiness.

Recently too, I spend a lot more time with my ex-colleagues from Domino’s. Just last night, we played Risk at a friend’s house and it was super duper fun. I kinda suck at tactical games, but it’s really fun! It’s so intense and works my brain a lot. I really loved the atmosphere and we’re just laughing at the interaction between the attacker and the defender…

I’m smiling like an idiot while I am typing away at my desk. ‘Got an appointment with a friend regarding a business, which I am still considering working in or investing in… But yeah, alright.

Rather sleep-deprived, but life’s good and I’m in a holiday mood!





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