Day 87: Make Do with Lesser

Dear Diary,

My days are much emptier, and I mostly spend my days at home with my mom. It’s much lonelier, but I prefer it this way, surprisingly. My time is devoted to my family and selected groups of friends now, especially ex-colleagues like my brother and Yuhui. Since I didn’t have any job that is time consuming and physically taxing, I’m actually looking forward to the volunteering activities coming up. Several ad hocs in my university will be calling for volunteers and I really want to help them, like Zoombara 2017!

With more time, I got to spend my day more often with the stray cat that I have been feeding daily. She’s absolutely adorable and I am not sure what I should do when I travel to China and Japan for extended periods of time. I could ask my brother to help feed her whilst I am in China but… Japan, he’s going on the trip too. *headache* I’ll think of a solution later.

I’ll be having dance class later tonight at the stadium’s dance studio. It’ll be my third lesson and I really got to sweat out all the toxic stuff from my body. Thumbs up! It felt really good afterwards, and I could work on my stamina/endurance because whenever I feel like giving up, I notice the others not stopping so I don’t stop too! I have been trying to take the stairs more and eat lesser junk food/lesser food overall. Trying not to binge on snacks and drinking lots of water/tea too. I’m feeling much healthier and my sleeping habits are not crazy like a few months back. Hopefully I am able to keep this up when school semester starts (oh gosh, it’s in two weeks!) because sleep is really important!

Trying to make a pact with myself to not skip many classes and try to pray for lesser emergencies. 80% of the times I skip classes are due to emergencies and it has definitely happened a lot during the past two semesters. I hope the remaining 20% gets cut out too which means I have to stop being lazier. I also realised that I paid more attention if I sat alone and physically writing my notes down; I might not sit with my friends often, or maybe just a few seats away so I don’t depend on them too much. I still love you guys, alright!

I can’t believe I am working less – didn’t know that this could actually be possible. All these while I have been living on my own salary, and now not so. It is a little bit harder to save for my Japan + China trips, but it is possible if I am careful with my spending. Hopefully I get the job assignment that I have applied for. 🙂 I am tempted to skip on going on semester exchange as well, and may just opt for Summer exchange. Plans may change, and I don’t know what will happen. So far, I’m just finding all the opportunities that I can rather than lazing around.

I’m hoping to keep this blog a bit more alive too because I can’t stand not updating things that I’ve started haha! Hopefully I keep to my word…

Till tomorrow, maybe!




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